Friday, February 25, 2011

Orion II Starship Vs Death Star

NOTE: The following is classified as fan fiction and never intended to be canonized.  No copyright infringement is intended or desired; this is for non-profit purposes only, free of charge.  I am doing this from the heart to face a fear that has eluded me for over two decades.


One thing that has bugged me is that it takes an X-Wing instead of a spacecraft that I like to destroy the Death Star that I fear; this is the importance of this post, and let me explain.  I lived for nine months from late 1989 until May 25, 1990 in an abusive group home; I was beaten with rods, had my toy airplanes taken away without even knowing it, and a series of nightmares set in dark bedrooms with thunderstorms outside.  There was one of these nightmares in particular, where I saw a stormy gray circular light on a wall across from me.  In that light was a hot-air balloon silhouette that suddenly turned into an eerie fat wiggling line with a bulb at the top, the basket remained intact.  This was subconsciously why I have feared the Death Star, even before I knew what it was or what it was designed to do!

You may ask why I fear the X-Wings; this is not easy to understand, not even for me!  It took me many years of intense out-patient therapy with doctors and self examination to figure out why the X-Wings scared me, so let me explain.  After I moved in with the loving Juleene and Bob Hebbler and their son, Garth, my dad took me to ride the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster in Belmont Park in the summer of 1991 when I was 7.  He did not check for or did not know that they had a height requirement and I was too short at the time to ride the roller coaster.  I had a fit all the way home in my dad's truck and he abandoned me after returning me to the Hebblers, we had no contact with him ever since.  This abandonment by a dad that I revered for being an airplane pilot was a painful loss and I thought that it was all my fault.  I thought that my royal hissy fit caused the abandonment, but as it turned out and I realized since 2007, it was my dad's irresponsibility as the adult of the matter that caused the problem.  Taking an X-Wing instead of a vehicle that I am comfortable with to destroy the Death Star when I want the Death Star destroyed reminds me of the early childhood abandonment.

The 190m Orion II Starship that I came up with in the morning of Thursday, February 18, 1999 reminds me of what I enjoyed in early childhood such as the good times that I had with my dad and Bob exposing me to astronomy.  Orion II reminded me of other good memories and activities that I enjoy as well as my hopes.

The X-Wing Ban: An Orion II Blows Up The Death Star!

Some Starwoids like to claim that the Death Star lets out so much interference even to throw off guided missiles that are told specifically where to aim on their targets to make them automatically miss.  They like to claim that only the Force can destroy such a battle station, and the Force is a lazy cop-out. Well let's prove these nasty Star Wars nay-sayers wrong!  The Death Star will be only visible from the Orion II through the telescope, and an Orion II spacecraft has four 5m reflector telescopes arrayed 90 degrees apart in the astronomy deck, so it will be easy to spot that moon like battle station.  More reason for Orion II instead of X-Wings to blow up Death Star is that in my fears stemming from a time shortly after Lion King first came out of the Death Star popping our planet.  There is toxic fan fiction about the Death Star destroying Earth, including on YouTube.

An Orion II Starship named Carl Sagan plots an intercept course for an Earth-bound Death Star, coming at the target from above at a 60 degree angle in relation to the Death Star.  The Carl Sagan carries small 3m long and 1m wide smart missiles that are told to aim at the thermal exhaust port in accordance to the technological readouts of that battle station.  Once one of the powerful 5m on board telescopes spots the Death Star and the small moon is confirmed to be a Death Star, a smart space cruise missile is set on a parabolic course precisely calculated to hit the 2m wide thermal exhaust port.  As the cruise missile approaches its large target, it homes in on its target coordinates.  The Empire is unaware of the small missile until it is only 13 seconds away from hitting the Death Star.  The missile NEVER misses and slips neatly into the thermal exhaust port; therefore, triggering a chain reaction that destroys the station.

The Result, the Death Star is destroyed and the Imperial plot to destroy Planet Earth is foiled, but the Galactic Empire might make another attempt to destroy Earth after this loss of a Death Star to an Orion II spacecraft.

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